Official Selection BZN Film Celebration

Better Together oil spill poster 1969 Christopher LloydIn loving memory of journalist Robert H. Sollen, who recently passed on after 97 years on this Earth, and to celebrate the screening of Better Together at the Bozeman International Film Festival, Better Together has a new poster, with an image courtesy of Bob Sollen Archive/UCSB Special Collections.

Please join us on June 7th, 10am, at the Museum of the Rockies, in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Q&A with producer and co-writer Nancy Black, and director/editor Isaac Hernández to follow the screening.

We're proud to represent Santa Barbara in Bozeman, together with Mimi deGruy, who's film Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy is also screening at BZN, and actor Jeff Bridges, who's being honored as part of the festival.

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